Peter Jordan


Peter Jordan got his start teaching children in remote parts of Africa to make their own films using plastic video cameras and a solar powered computer. He has directed films for humanitarian organizations and global brands in more than 20 countries.

Peter’s work, which is unusually open and honest, has won numerous international festival prizes, including an IDA award, and screened on PBS, in the New York Times, and before the United States Congress. His collaborative film with survivors of genocide in Darfur, Sudan was awarded a Gold Medal from the United Nations.

As a creative director at Facebook, Peter led work on artificial intelligence, solar-powered drones, and planetary internet access, in addition to directing the launch videos for some of Facebook's landmark products. His directorial work has touched hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide. Peter has an MFA in documentary filmmaking from Stanford and lives with his wife and two children on the rim of a national park in Costa Rica.

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